The known issues in P2V Migration for Software Assurance beta are categorized as follows:

· Uninstalling the P2VMigration.msi does not remove the Tools folder created in %InstallDir%\P2V Migration for Software Assurance.

One workaround is to manually delete the P2V Migration for Software Assurance instance created in the Installation directory.

· Clicking Cancel during P2V Migration installation does not cancel the process.

· On Windows XP operating systems, Disk2vhd.exe is hidden during the Capture VHD phase, but it is minimized to the task bar in Windows Vista. Clicking Help/Cancel in the Disk2vhd.exe tool while the Capture VHD task is running is not supported.

· Capturing multiple disks/partitions is currently not implemented; thus, if you are trying to run Windows Vista Dual partition (with one BitLocker® Drive Encryption partition) to Windows 7, restoring VHD to Windows Virtual PC will fail with a Missing Operating System error.

· If a non-administrative user has to run the Add Old Apps to Windows 7.hta script to add old operating system applications to the Windows 7 Start menu, that user would need administrator credentials.

· In Domain Join scenarios, the Add Old Apps to Windows 7.hta script is not run automatically: You must run it manually.