Once in a while you work on something which is so cool that you have to share it.

Once in a while you run into something that you want to have so badly but it just doesn’t exist yet.

However this is the first example I can remember where I’ve seen where both situations are true at the same time. This is so cool that I had to share it, and I also want this so badly I could have an IT geek version of a screaming fit-kicking meltdown. What the heck am I talking about?


I deployed the Veeam 6.0 management pack which provides monitoring for VMware servers in Operations Manager. I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Oversized and Undersized VMs reports and these are so freaking cool! For the four hosts that I was monitoring, we found that we could reclaim almost a full host worth of memory which had been over-allocated to VMs.  Check out the reports below for details. The first report shows 143.2 GB of vRAM that can be reclaimed.

Oversized VM’s: Memory


The second report shows that about 40 GB of vRAM that would be better allocated to different VM’s.

Undersized VMs: Memory


The third report shows that 43 vCPUs could be reclaimed.

Oversized VMs: CPU


The fourth report shows that 6 vCPUs that would be better allocated to different VM’s.

Undersized VMs: CPU


Summary: The undersized and oversized reports in the Veeam management pack are extremely useful – by changing our allocation of resources we were able to free up resources and increase performance for systems which were under resourced.


Why the meltdown?



So why the screaming fit-kicking meltdown? Because I use Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine manager for my labs. I love my Hyper-V lab and the ability to manage it with SCVMM. It’s doing everything that I need it to do and more. But I really really want these types of reports for my Hyper-V environment! I know that I’ve got to be both oversized and undersized on my VM’s but at this point I don’t have a good way to see what I should do to better allocate my resources for my Hyper-V systems.


Question/Follow-up: I’ve seen some good capacity planning solutions for Hyper-V and will follow up with a blog post or two to review them. Have you seen a good way to determine what systems are oversized and undersized in Hyper-V or VMM? If so please post your thoughts here!


Or maybe if Veeam get enough requests, they will port these reports to Hyper-V…..over to  you, community! 🙂