Several years ago I wrote a blog post on how to establish a testing environment for monitoring of Oracle (available at I recently received a request for a follow-up to that one focusing on monitoring Oracle with Operations Manager. The good news is that the options for monitoring Oracle with Operations Manager are now quite diverse and well documented. This blog post will provide a list of options which are available for this and links to resources for those options.


The first set of options I will list are those which are available without purchasing a third party extension to Operations Manager:

  1. Built-in SQL DB test of the Oracle database: You can use built-in functionality available in Operations Manager to at least validate that a database can be reached and how responsive the query is. This is done using the “OLE DB Data Source” management pack template available in the authoring pane. Details on this are available at:
  1. Community management pack: A while back Kristopher Bash created a test version of a community management pack but I am not seeing if this went to RTM state. Information is available at:


The next set of options listed below are third party solutions which are available to provide monitoring for Oracle in Operations Manager:

  1. OpsLogix management pack:,

  2. Oracle connector:,
  3. Nice management pack:

  4. Bridgeways management pack:
  5. Comtrade management pack:


For further discussion on this topic I recommend:


If you know of other ways to provide Oracle monitoring, or have insights from working with any of the above solutions post them here for discussion!