This is a frequent question, “I ran the SharePoint task why did it fail? 

There could be a number of reasons why, but usually they are narrowed down after a few questions.

  1. After importing or downloading\installing the SharePoint MP make sure you copy the SharePointMP.Config file from the “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\System Center Management Packs” folder to the “%Program Files\System Center Management Packs” folder prior to running the task
  2. If you are running Operations Manager (SCOM, OpsMgr) 2012, you need to ensure the new task for 2012 is imported
  3. Ensure the Config File has the proper server names as displayed in Central Farm Admin Site for SharePoint
  4. Create the “SharePoint Discovery/Monitoring Account”
  5. Ensure the Action or Run As account used to run the task has:
    • Farm Administrator Rights
    • Local Admin on all SharePoint Servers
    • SysAdmin on the SQL Instance where the SharePoint DBs are deployed
  6. Reboot the Management Servers (typically I have only had to reboot the RMSe) per the SharePoint Foundation MP guide
  7. Run the Configuration Task and only use the 2012 task if you are on 2012
  8. If all else fails, try to enter FQDN or just NetBIOS names of the Servers in the Configuration File
  9. If everything else fails, set the SetDebugTrace task as noted in the SharePoint Foundation MP Guide


From the Foundation MP Guide:

· Why did the administration task not run successfully after system setup?

You must restart the Operations Manager 2007 RMS and Management Servers at least once after you configure them for the administration task to run successfully.

· Why do I not see the SharePointMP.config file on the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008?

On the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008, the SharePointMP.config file is installed in the “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\System Center Management Packs” folder. You must copy the file to the “%Program Files\System Center Management Packs” folder before running the administration task. Otherwise, administrators will see the "Failed to load configuration file" error during management pack configuration

Set debug, look for results in the Tasks:

To run the SetDebugTrace task, from the Operations Manager console:

1. Select Monitoring, then select SharePoint 2010 Products, and then select Administration view.

2. On the Actions panel, click the task named “Set DebugTrace For SharePoint Management Pack”. A Run Task window will popup,

3. To enable debug trace (the default option), click Run. To disable debug trace, click Override.

4. Set the Enabled parameter value to “False” in the popup dialog.

5. Click Override to close the dialog.

6. Click Run.

7. Wait for the task to finish in Task Status window, and then check the Task Output to ensure that the task completes successfully.

8. Click Close.

If you have the management packs for both Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products imported, the task will turn on trace for all discoveries and script monitors in both management packs, otherwise, it will only turn on trace for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 management pack