My friend Larry has an OpsMgr 2007 R2 environment with Savision Live Maps. Recently they enabled SSL on the OpsMgr Web Console. This caused an issue with the links in Live maps when you drill down and try to open a SCOM object, the URL still includes Port 5109 and essentially breaks the OpsMgr/Savision integration. To address this Larry had updated the OpsMgr Console URL, but the issue still remained.

Larry reached out to Savision for support, and received the following recommendation:

Try adding the port number that your webserver is listening on (443 for SSL by default) to the OpsMgr Web Console URL in the Configuration tool, as port 51908 (the default port for the OpsMgr Web Console) is added only if no port is included in the URL.

Please let us know if that resolved the issue. You might have to restart the LM Web Console as I’m not 100% sure if this change is detected immediately.”

Larry used the Web Console Configuration tool and changed the configuration as shown below.



And it works like a champ now.

Kudos: Thanks to Larry Brown for bringing this to my attention and Savision for the information on how to resolve the issue!

Summary: If you have added SSL to your OpsMgr Web Console and you have Savision Live Maps be sure to use the Savision Web Configuration Console to match your new configuration.