Your Operations Manager web console is working like a champ! You can log in and access information and all is good, but when you actually choose a performance counter to display it shows the following:


Ouch. To quote a friend of mine this is “less than optimal”. Our environment is running on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have been unable to recreate this in a Windows Server 2008 environment up to this point in time. In our Windows 2008 R2 environment each time I attempted to display a performance counter in the web view it failed with the error above and there is a warning event in the log of eventid number 1309 from ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0. After digging for a while we found that for our environment we needed to enable ASP.NET Impersonation (shown below) to address this issue. We also disabled ASP.NET Impersonation and re-created the failure to validate that our change had resolved the issue.


I owe a big-time thank you to Rick Williams for tracking this one down, knocking it out and telling me what was required to fix it.

Good additional reading on the web console challenges are available at:

Summary: Receiving an “Unexpected Error: There was an error displaying the page you requested” in the Operations Manager web console when displaying a performance counter? Try enabling ASP.NET Impersonation in IIS 7 Authentication.