In my dashboard integration series (shout from the hecklers ‘”hey, Cameron’s back on that again – I was wondering if he ever was going to finish those”) I have primarily focused on either free solutions or solutions based upon Microsoft technologies (like SharePoint 2010 with Visio integration). I have also historically discussed Savision and their Live Maps product (see Taking Distributed Applications to the next level with Savision Live Maps, Using TCP Port Monitors, Distributed Applications and Savision Live Maps to monitor redundant network links, and OpsMgr 2012, Savision & Dashboards for examples. There are however multiple additional third party vendors who are providing some really interesting dashboard functions which will work for Operations Manager.

For this blog article I’ll be focusing on Silect ConfigWise. Information on ConfigWise is available at ConfigWise was designed to enhance reporting around ConfigMgr/DCM and has grown into a dashboarding solution which spans disparate systems. My area of focus is around Operations Manager so I spoke with the crew at Silect and they gave me an excellent demonstration of how the product works. The highlights I found on this are below:


1) ConfigWise is using a Silverlight application to display the dashboards (screenshots below)

2) Information is gathered from databases via SQL queries which can be designed to read from any database (see OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Service Manager – What to include (and not to include) in customized Service Manager dashboards for my thoughts on reading from the OperationsManager database).

3) While ConfigWise does not provide a unique URL per dashboard it can restrict dashboards to display only specific views. Creating unique URL’s is important when linking in multiple disparate dashboard solutions as we discussed in OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Integrating the OpsMgr web console- How to find the URL’s to link in to dashboards.



The screenshots below show a couple of solid examples for how ConfigWise can surface Operations Manager data in a very user friendly dashboard solution:

SCOM Event Summary

SCOM dB Size

Summary: If you are serious about creating dashboards definitely investigate the ConfigWise solution. If you already have ConfigWise you can surface data for Operations Manager through it!