For this blog article I’ll be focusing on Bay Dynamics and their product IT Analytics for Microsoft System Center. Their product takes a different approach to surfacing System Center data by creating cubes. Bay Dynamics gave me an excellent demonstration of their product focusing on Operations Manager. Their product is designed for all of System Center (our Service Manager alpha-geek at Catapult actually introduced me to the crew at Bay Dynamics) but my focus for this blog article is what we can do with it for dashboarding in Operations Manager. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so I picked a few of my favorite screenshot examples below.

(From Configuring .Net Application Performance Monitoring in SCOM 2012 and Analyzing with IT Analytics)


(From Using IT Analytics and the Dell Management Pack to understand power consumption trends in your data center)


(From Using IT Analytics to analyze Hyper-V Performance)


(From Using IT Analytics to analyze VMware ESX CPU & Memory Performance)


(From Using IT Analytics to create Key Performance Indicators for VMware Performance)

For more information and to check out additional screenshots and capabilities check out

Summary: Using cubes to display data in System Center is extremely interesting. If you are serious about dashboarding in System Center you should definitely look into the Bay Dynamics IT Analytics for Microsoft System Center product.