Installation of the SLD 2.0 for Operations Manager 2007 R2 is usually pretty straightforward. The download is available at the Microsoft Download center and details on installing and using this functionality are available in the release notes. As background, SLD 2.0 is useful to provide dashboards with gauges and charts  for Service Level Objectives created in OpsMgr (using a Monitor state SLO or a Collection rule SLO). Use a Monitor state SLO if what you are looking for is a monitor (such as a Distributed Application, Free Disk space condition, etc). Use a Collection rule SLO if what you are looking for is a rule (such as performance information gathered via a rule).


An examples of these SLO defined in OpsMgr are shown below:

The SLD 2.0 can also be used to provide an overview of health such as for a group of servers and their free disk space such as the example below targeted to display free disk space on Windows 2008 systems.



The SLD does not provide health state for large numbers of items or graphs and gauges other than SLA related

I did however run into three installation related challenges:

  1. What’s required: SharePoint 2007 or WSS 3.0 NOT SharePoint 2010. It may be possible to install the SLD and then upgrade the SharePoint environment – if you attempt this please reply to this blog as I would love to know if that would work!
  2. Problems configuring the dashboard after it was installed.
  3. Dashboard not displaying data for a new SLD item.


Problems configuring the dashboard after it was installed


    This one caused me to be stuck for a long period of time because it was far from intuitive to debug. After successful installation of the SLD, and defining the SLO’s in OpsMgr accessing the dashboard and attempting to configure it was failing. Thankfully Jonathan Almquist already ran into this and blogged on it at: (my issue was that I had re-installed the SLD and had forgotten to re-add the SLD management pack).

    Dashboard not displaying data for a new SLD item

    I also ran into the issue where my dashboard would not show data for the free disk space on the Windows 2008 systems as shown below.


    This ended up being an issue of my needing to hurry up and wait. After checking back later the dashboard had populated correctly.


    Good reference links:

    Marnix’s discussion on the SLD: 

    Discussion on turning on log files

    Debugging issues with SLD not working:

    Debugging issues with SLD installation: 


    Summary: The SLD 2.0 requires WSS 3.0 or SharePoint 2007 – not SharePoint 2010. Follow the installation steps in the guide and if you hit problems check out Jonathan’s blog article.