Visio integration can be used to combine Visio diagrams which can be saved to a Visio Web Access (.VDW) file which can be displayed in SharePoint 2010 Enterprise as a live Visio diagram integrated with Operations Manager. This provides a way to display the state of OpsMgr entities for the environment and to use the URL for the VDW file so that the web page can be accessed directly. There are multiple benefits to Visio integration including:


1) Displaying the health of a Distributed Application or custom Line of Business application

2) Creation of a custom designed layout for your Distributed Application


NOTE: There is one significant negative to designing Distributed Applications in Visio (or just outside of OpsMgr in general) – if you change the underlying Distributed Application the Visio diagram will need to be updated to reflect the changes as well.


This post assumes that you have already installed and configured Visio Integration for your environment. See the end of this blog article for information on that topic.

For this post we will review how to take an existing Distributed Application and save it into a Visio Web Access file. To do this, open your distributed application in the OpsMgr Console / Monitoring / Distributed Applications. Right-click on the DA you want and choose the Diagram view. For this example we will be converting the built-in Operations Manager Management Group DA. Open the DA, expand the lays that you want to display and click on the “To Visio” button highlighted in yellow below. This will save the Visio diagram to a VDX file.


Next open Visio and the Visio diagram that you saved.

The Visio diagram will show how it is linked to the various entities at the bottom of the screen.


At this point in time you can re-design the DA as you see fit. For this example, I am boxing the various components and re-labeling them to be more readable.

Once the diagram has been reformatted, we save it as a web drawing and then upload the file to SharePoint.


To open the file in a web browser, right-click on the file and choose View in Web Browser.


A simple version of a DA shown using Visio Integration is shown below:

Summary: Distributed Applications in OpsMgr can easily be quickly be exported to Visio and changed into a Visio integrated web diagram with customized names and customized layout for the distributed application.


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