So now that we’ve discussed all of these different dashboard technologies how do we integrate them into a single NOC dashboard which uses each of the functions which we have available? The key to this concept is to use the various unique URL’s which are available for the various different dashboard solutions to provide an integrated solution. Finding the unique URL’s can be challenging, but these previous blog entries assist with that topic:



Once we’ve created our NOC dashboard and our other dashboard solutions we can integrate these into a single NOC view for background on creating the NOC dashboard see:



We’ll start from this NOC dashboard created earlier in this series.


This dashboard can be created in either Savision Live Maps or using Visio integration. The dashboard gives us a high level overview of the health of our environment. What we want to do now is integrate additional dashboard solutions into this view. As an example:


Since we have unique URL’s for our Service Manager dashboards and our Service Level Dashboards, we can integrate these by just adding links in the NOC dashboard. Generally I will add an icon and then link the icon to the URL. For the example below I have added two new graphics to the Operations Manager section – the one on the left (the green bars with the upward arrow) links to the Operations Manager Service Level Dashboard URL, the one on the right (the gauge icon) links to the Operations Manager Service Manager Dashboard.


Below is an example of these changes within the full NOC view.


To tie these all together you will also want to put links back to the NOC web page URL in the various dashboard solutions so that the user can browse from one solution into another and back without having to arrow backward through the various pages.


Tip: Reports can also be integrated this way, if there is a specific report which ties directly to what you want to display you can add the URL to the NOC view dashboard in the same way that you can add the URL for other dashboards.


Summary: Through providing unique URL’s for various dashboard solutions and integrating them into the NOC view we can browse to different URL’s from this NOC view and display the various OpsMgr dashboard solutions in a more seamless way.