Recently I started seeing performance issues on one of my servers which is commonly used to run the Operations Manager 2007 R2 console. We experience occasional crashes, so I was not surprised that it was launching WerFault.exe *32 but I was surprised when I saw this:


Needless to say, on this server something is causing issues with reporting the WER information. To configure this setting for the server  open the server manager on the system and choose the “Configure Windows Error Reporting” as shown below.


My recommendation is to enable Windows Error Reporting in environments where it functions correctly so my preference was to leave this enabled, but as our setting currently was “Yes, automatically send reports” and we were having this issue we changed it to the “I don’t want to participate” option as shown below.


Summary: If you are seeing a lot of werfault*32 errors backing up in task manager you may want to disable Windows Error Reporting on the server as shown in this blog entry.