I’ve had a couple of people ask me the same OpsMgr question recently which indicates that it’s time to blog something (condition A occurs more than 1x, perform these actions – Hey I’m just like a well written orchestrator workflow Smile ).


How can I quickly skill up on OpsMgr 2012 – The Top 10 List!

1) Try it! There is nothing like hands-on experience with a product. Download and install it from here!

2) CEP: Join the Community Evaluation Program (CEP) to “evaluate early versions of products with guidance from the product team and by sharing of experiences and best practices among a community of peers.

3) SCU: Sign up for the upcoming System Center Universe event!

4) Webinars, Podcasts, slides: Use free online resources:

5) Gotta-know-url’s:

6) Catapult System Center 2012 Roadmap: Catapult can assist with learning more on OpsMgr 2012 on-site as part of the roadmap project for System Center 2012 (contact via this blog article with a comment or from an email to info@catapultsystems.com)

7) Books: Currently there are none available for OpsMgr 2012 but when it releases I recommend the System Center Operations Manager 2012 Unleashed book as I know who is authoring on it and the proposed content.

8) Microsoft Forums: There is nothing currently available for OpsMgr 2012 yet but I expect that they will arrive here at RTM

9) Training Classes: Historically InFront’s training crew has been at the front line of new training, look for when they are scheduling System Center classes: http://www.infrontconsulting.com/training.php

10) Virtual Labs: Nothing available for OpsMgr 2012 yet but may arrive here


Do you know of other ways to skill up on OpsMgr 2012? If so, please post them here!