When installing Operations Manager in a two server configuration (OpsMgr Management Server on one, SQL databases and reporting on the other) the various databases can be created on remote servers but the “Reporting server” components must be installed on the server with the Reporting components. Don’t check all four of the options below unless you are installing an all-in-one system. Installation can install the management server, operations console and web console – including database components which can be installed remotely.


If you try to install the Reporting server remotely, it will appear as shown below where is does not see the SQL Server instance. This is confusing because on the previous screens it has been able to communicate with SQL servers to create the OperationsManager and OperationsManagerDW databases.


Before running the installation for the Reporting server component make sure that the http://localhost/reports and http://localhost/reportserver work before starting the installation of the Reporting server component. With reporting services working, it should appear as shown below when installing this component.


Summary #1: Don’t try to set up OpsMgr 2012 on a lack of sleep as shown in my example above – I spent more than an hour trying to figure out why my the OpsMgr installation could not see my reporting services.

Summary #2: Unless you are installing an all-in-one system you need to not choose the reporting installation on the first MS and install the reporting components locally to where SRS is installed.