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Squared Up enhances IT operations visibility with an innovative web interface for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). It enables you to go beyond the boundaries imposed by traditional consoles and give everyone fast web access to real-time dashboards, performance data and alerts. – SquaredUp (

Many customers have requirements such as 3rd party browser support that prevent them from utilizing the standard OpsMgr web console. Despite many improvements in the OpsMgr web console, overall performance and ease of configuration are still an issue that turns some OpsMgr users away from utilizing the OpsMgr Web Console.

Enter, Squared-Up. By utilizing pre-built plug-ins that enable such views as performance, SLA, World Map, etc., OpsMgr administrators can easily create lightweight HTML5 based dashboards that can be used by anyone using an HTML5 supported browser.

Squared-Up depends on OpsMgr security for access, so there’s no need to configure anything within the Squared-Up dashboard to allow access. With a little XML editing, such as providing a group name or object ID, OpsMgr administrators will find that the process of creating dashboards is much less frustrating than troubleshooting a standard OpsMgr dashboard widget.

The only drawback that I encountered was that not all OpsMgr objects will easily reveal their object ID. Having some experience in PowerShell makes this a non-issue. For example, I couldn’t easily find the object ID for a Service Level Object (SLO) without using PowerShell. SquaredUp’s support team promptly came to my assistance with the following command to find the SLO.

(Get-scomManagementGroup).ServiceLevelAgreements.GetType().GetMethod("GetServiceLevelObjectives", [Type[]]@()).MakeGenericMethod([Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Configuration.ManagementPackSLO]).Invoke( (Get-ScomManagementGroup).ServiceLevelAgreements, @() ) | select @{Name="SLA Name";Expression={$_.ConfigurationGroupId.GetElement().DisplayName}},@{Name="SLO Name";Expression={$_.DisplayName}},@{Name="SLO ID";Expression={$_.Id}} | Format-List

The good news is that the upcoming version of SquaredUp will include the ability to run all configuration through the GUI and not rely on PowerShell commandlets to reveal object ID’s.

Sample KPI dashboard for a custom group of Windows Servers


Easily drill down to an individual object to bring up that objects dashboard



Some features that I really like are:

1) Automatic inclusion of existing OpsMgr groups and agents in the dashboard.

a. Just like OpsMgr, SquaredUp works best when you’ve created groups of objects. They’re picked up immediately and available for drill down.


2) Excellent summary views. For example, a server is alerting you to a problem. Clicking on that alert will not only show you what the problem is that raised the alert, but also shows you performance information and any other issue the system is currently experiencing. Think of it as the Health Explorer but with KPI’s in the same view.


So if you are looking for an OpsMgr dashboard solution that’s easy to stand up, user friendly, and performs great, register for a SquaredUp 30 day trial.

You can also try out their online dashboard if you don’t have a demo environment to test in.


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