As part of preparing for the upcoming MVP pro series of webcasts, I am working on an updated version of Operations Manager Evolution. The goal of the Operations Manager Evolution presentation series is to provide ways to take your Operations Manager to the next level. If you are an existing Operations Manager administrator my goal is to make this the most valuable session that you can attend this year.

Operations Manager Evolution 2013 is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, 2013 10:00 AM-11:00 AM (Central time). You can grab all the meeting invites for the MVP Pro series from this location. As part of preparing this presentation my goal was to build from the last Operations Manager Evolution presentation which occurred in 2011 and is available at (if you haven’t seen this yet, this was my favorite all-time presentation potentially replaced now with the recent Provisioning session at MMS).

The focus for Operations Manager Evolution 2013 is being developed and is currently divided into three major areas: Maintenance, Integration and Dashboards.  If you have thoughts on topics I should include for this presentation please feel free to post them here!

Summary: I am working on a new Operations Manager Evolution presentation which is scheduled for May 21st – grab the invitation if you are interested! The original Operations Manager Evolution session is available here for your review.