I’ve had two people now ask me this so I’ll throw it out there (I know – Cameron – quite the following on this one – two people have asked…). The question was “How do I follow you on twitter?” In all seriousness, I’m not a twitter guy – if I’m going to blog I’m way to longwinded to try to keep it to a micro blog (see, this may already be too long). But if you want to follow me on twitter subscribe to the even better twitter feed which includes myself and a lot of other solid bloggers at Catapult. To follow myself and my fellow Catapult geniuses just follow @CatapultSystems or visit our twitter page at http://twitter.com/#!/catapultsystems.

[Thank you to Chris Ross for educating elderly-twitter-challenged me on this topic!]

UPDATE: With additional twitter-challenged teaching from Pete Zerger and Marnix Wolf, I have created my own twitter account and linked it via TwitterFeed with my Catapult blog. This feed is available at: https://twitter.com/#!/cfullermvp