What is the modern intranet, what does that mean?  When we say the modern intranet how is that different than some of the intranets that we see out there every day?  Where should we all be striving to get to it at this point?

The modern intranet is really a workplace; an easily accessible site within the company where people are going to get their work done. There must be compelling reasons for employees to be on the intranet to perform their day-to-day jobs, it must be available when/where they need it and it needs to be constantly updated & refreshed. When implemented and managed properly, your corporate intranet portal can be a huge competitive advantage that saves time, encourages collaboration and greatly boosts productivity.

Many companies never realize the full benefit of their intranet portals because of low user adoption, stale information, lack of functionality and other issues. View the on-demand webinar below to learn the best practices we have learned while implementing intranet solutions for our clients.

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  • Defining the modern intranet
    • Workplace vs. internal website
    • Emergence & importance of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)
  • Eliminating the “portal circle of life”/Ensuring user adoption
    • Continuous evolution and improvement
    • Governance & engaging employees
  • Options for building the modern intranet
    • Accretive approach vs. traditional intranet project
    • Software as a Service vs. Solution as a Service