Yesterday while I was finishing up a fun short vacation up in the Steamboat Springs, CO, Microsoft made some noise! First was the announcement that Power BI for Office 365 is now Generally Available (GA). This is huge, now users of Office 365 can add in true Business Intelligence (BI) features with their current Tenant. Pricing for adding Power BI to an Office 365 subscription was announced earlier.

The second big announcement was the expanded availability of Multi-Factor Authentication in Office 365. Multi-Factor Authentication for administrative roles has been available for about a year now. With this new announcement now administrators can activate and manage Multi-Factor Authentication for end users as well. This also now includes the ability to have it utilized for the Office Desktop applications, such as Outlook with App Passwords. I hope run through all the setup and various ways this can be used in an upcoming blog.

Read more about both announcement with the links to the respective blog posts from Microsoft.