In this part I will talk about the end user experience and SharePoint pilot migrations.

User Experience

When I logged in with my Iceman account, here is the initial portal view from a non-admin account:


The top Row is the new way to move between the various locations within Office 365:

Navigating to Outlook bring up the OWA experience in Wave 15:


The Calendar option takes you to, yes you guessed it, the Calendar:


The People Option is for all the user’s contacts:


Newsfeeds is the social aspect of SharePoint but can be augmented to change to use Yammer feeds.

SkyDrive is basically the My Sites replacement, clicking here bring up:


Well that is funny, why is this still the old My Sites look and feel? This leads me to the next section of this blog post.


SharePoint Online Pilot


To test drive the upgraded SharePoint Wave 15 look and feel you need to do some administration in the SharePoint Online Portal. I logged back in with the admin smcneill account and selected Admin and SharePoint to go to the SharePoint Admin Portal

Once in the SharePoint Admin Portal you need to go to Settings and change the Global Experience Version Settings to the highlighted choice below:

Click OK at bottom of screen to save.

Back in the Site Collections area, I selected the My-Sites site collection and then the Upgrade icon at the top:

Selecting Site Collection Upgrade Settings allows me to view the setting for the site:

Notice I can allow or not allow sites to be Upgraded by the Site Admins. Now I returned and logged in as Iceman and went again to the SkyDrive link:

Notice the new pinkish banner at the top, I selected Start Now:

I then selected the Upgrade this Site Collection, and get one moreverification:

Well this doesn’t look good:

The above only lasted just a few minutes then the below site appeared:

Selecting Let’s See the new site and Voila:

The new SkyDrive Pro site!

The process for updating other sites like Team Sites and Collaboration sites is basically the same and can be done by the Site Owners.