File this under better late than never, yesterday I got my notification that my personal Office 365 Tenant Upgrade is coming!

I will be blogging about the upgrade procedures as I go through them. Right now I am going to blog about the Pilot aspect of the Office 365 Upgrade process.

From the main page of my Office 365 Portal the below announcement shows near the top:

Selecting the Service upgrade options link I am taken to this page:

As you can see I can postpone my upgrade if I wished, definitely not going to select that option! I selected the Select user button and it took me here:

I added myself as an admin and then selected the Next button at the bottom of the page:

I added in the Iceman user and selected the Upgrade button at the bottom of the page:

A confirmation box appears to confirm the upgrade:

The summary page appears and I selected close at the bottom of the screen.

Returning to the main Portal page I see the Announcement has changed to add an addition link for the upgraded users:

And here is the list view:

I will create a new blog when the Upgrade Status for these two users completes