While the headline does not constitute an emergency for anyone, I want to get this out to as many Office 365 customers and clients as possible!

I just got copied on an email to one of my Office 365 clients that begins with:

Action needed

For the best, richest experience with Office 365, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 now (or Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista users).

Our automated system reports indicate that people in your organization recently connected to Office 365 using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Office 365 will no longer support IE8 after 8 April 2014.


As you can see above Microsoft can validate the version of browser that Office 365 users are connecting with. They are starting the process of contacting admins for Office 365 Tenant who have clients connecting with IE 8, and making them aware that IE 8 will not be a support access method to Office 365 after April 8, 2014. Again this is not an emergency, but Microsoft is trying to give enough advanced warning to its customers about the end of life for IE 8 to allow the IT departments of the affected Tenants time to research, plan and upgrade IE to 9 or 10 before its too late.

Even if you did not receive notice from Microsoft about this, I highly recommend you take inventory of your machines to determine if any are still running IE 8 and work to put a plan in place to upgrade to IE 9 or 10 by next year.