There are a growing number of 3rd party tools available for administering and reporting on Office 365. I am really curious what the core pain points and needs are out there around a tool focused on Office 365. Many of the tools out there are utilizing PowerShell to gather data and report on it as well as use PowerShell to do administration outside of the Office 365 Portal and Exchange Online Admin Portal. With the recent launch of Wave 15 of Office 365 now SharePoint and Lync Online can benefit from PowerShell as well.
What I would like is to get feedback from the community to see what are the absolute requirements for a Tool that covers Administration are and Reports, what are the nice things to have and even what are some far out pie in the sky things you would like to see. You can either comment on this post with your list or go here, and submit your list via the form.
Thanks and really appreciate your input. I will gather all of the input and then look to maybe have a poll to help filter the list further.
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