Today Microsoft Office 365 suffered an outage for access to the Admin Portal, While this outage was somewhat troublesome it got me thinking that having alternate URLs to you services is worth knowing. This outage did not impact any of the core services, Exchange, SharePoint or Lync Online so most users probably did not notice.

To access OWA directly you can use If you need to manage Exchange Online via the Exchange Admin Center you can go directly via For Lync Admin you can use (this is my link for my tenant so you are encouraged to check the URL for your Tenant)

For SharePoint the URL is based on your Tenant name, i.e. with "Company" being the key name. For SharePoint Admin the URL is You can also access the default SharePoint Team site by going to, for other sites you would need to know the site addresses, might be good to document all site URLs for future needs.

It is good to document these URLs, especially for admins, and have them handy in the event you need them in the future. Also one other URL to keep handy is this site is separate from the Portal and in the event you cannot access the Portal this site will hopefully give you information about the reason for the Portal being unavailable.