On the 26th we had our March meeting of the Office 365 International User Group. I have been very busy at work lately, well busy is an understatement, I have been slammed! Thankfully I was able to secure a speaker for this meeting last week while at the Austin, TX airport. Darrell Webster (@DarrellCWebster) graciously agreed to present on Interactive OneNote and SharePoint Social, thank you Darrell. His presentation was very interactive and showed how OneNote is not just a personal note taker and repository, but a very strong collaboration tool for internal and external projects. Darrell did a great job including the audience with an interactive demo of OneNote. Darrell then showed off the new Social aspects of SharePoint, what was great about his presentation is that all that he showed could be done on-premises with SharePoint but more importantly with SharePoint Online. We learned about how to follow users, posts and even documents. The latter is something that is very cool, now you can follow a document and get a message that someone has updated the document.
If you missed it, here is a link to information about the Windows 8 OneNote App working with Office 365, http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-onenote/archive/2013/03/21/update-to-the-onenote-windows-store-app-now-available.aspx
Darrell brought up some great functionality with OneNote that he recommended that be included in our future meetings once our Office 365 IUG Tenant is upgraded to Wave 15. Speaking of upgrades, we had a good discussion about the upgrade process and the feeling is that Microsoft does not have this process down to perfect. Several attendees mentioned issues with their upgrades resulting in issues from mail delivery issues (mainly specific to forwarders) to upgrades taking much longer than stated and resulting in a Tenant being in mixed mode, Exchange Online gets updated but Lync and SharePoint still on the previous version. One issue that was identified is to ensure that a customer has updated their Office 365/Exchange Online MX record, http://community.office365.com/en-us/wikis/manage/office-365-administrator-task-wiki.aspx#MX%20Record.
We also had some other good discussions on the new Service Descriptions that have been moved to TechNet, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj819284.aspx I actually did a quick poll and found most attendees liked the new format and location versus the previous Wave 14 Word files. We did discuss that while the new location makes it easier for the Service Descriptions to be updated, it is hard now to provide them to a client. I noticed during the discussion that it was brought up you can create your own TechNet download, I missed the link during the discussion (long story, my Lync client died trying to present, so I lost the IM conversion) but found this blog post that talks about it, http://blogs.technet.com/b/office_resource_kit/archive/2011/07/29/build-your-own-book-of-technet-articles.aspx
Good news! For the second meeting in a row I remember to hit that elusive record button. If you missed the meeting or would just like to relive the magic, here is the link, http://sdrv.ms/16iLWE4