Good news, Microsoft’s Office 365 now has new functionality for Lync Online, this is called Lync to Phone. This service is currently available in the US and the UK from Jajah, here is a video explaining the service (a video is worth a million words!) I decided I needed to check this service out and decided to add it to my Office 365 Tenant. This blog post will explain my experience with signing up, setting up and using the Lync to Phone service with Jajah and Office 365.

Here is a link to the setup instructions I used,

One of the first things needed is licensing in Office 365, a new Lync Plan 3 SKU has been created for Lync to Phone. My understanding is that the Lync Plan 3 will also be included with the E4 license, and is mentioned in Jesper_Osgaard’s (@WizOfOzDK) blog post here,

A little background, I have been paying around $34 per month for my Office 365 tenant. With my Office 365 MVP award one of the very nice perks that comes along with this is that I receive 20 E3 Office 365 licenses. I have applied to get these licenses applied. Very nice that Microsoft grants MVP’s these licenses, among other very nice perks!

The Lync Plan 3 is now available to purchase or trial. I went ahead and added the 25 trial licenses to my tenant.

The next step is to sign up for the service from Jajah, I went with the 2500/month minute plan, as I am sure I will not exceed that and didn’t want to spend the extra out of pocket money for the unlimited plan. As noted on the page this is a North America (U.S. and Canada) calling plan and after registration I could have added international plans as well, but I choose not to since I do not need or would use it at this time. Jajah provided a promotion where the first month of service is free!

After getting my number purchased from Jajah (see below) the next step is to activate it.

To active the number I had to update Jajah with the user information for the number and then also update the user to reflect the number assigned as the Office number. Since I use Identity Federation in my lab I had to update the user’s properties in Active Directory and the force a DirSync.


After forcing a DirSync I then had to update my account in the Lync Online Management Portal.

The Lync Online Management Portal changed a bit when adding the Lync Plan 3 licenses.

Selecting Users then my user I just needed to add Jajah – North America and the Lync Phone number auto-populated based on my previous update of the user account adding the Jajah number to the Office Number field.

Editing my User account:

And that is it. I now am able to receive and place calls from my Lync client connected to my Lync Online service. Pretty cool indeed! I am working on the Exchange Online Unified Messaging/VoiceMail configuration. Ran into some issues with this and I am working with Jajah to ensure I get this setup correctly and once completed will follow-up with another blog post.