My bad! The reason I had trouble with the Unified Messaging/VoiceMail setup for my Lync to Phone service with Jajah is because at some point I switched my tenant domain, to Shared in the Exchange Online admin portal. This single setting caused me to spend about two weeks in my free time, which is very precious, troubleshooting why I could not get VoiceMail configured.

The first thing you should verify when setting up UM for Office 365 Exchange online is that your tenant domain is set as Hosted:


Here is the setup I did to enable UM/VoiceMail for Office 365 Exchange Online:

  1. Launch the Exchange Online Management Portal, navigate to Phone and Voice on the Left hand menu
  2. Under the UM Dial Plans select New

  1. Give the plan a name, enter 11 for the extension digit length, select SIP URI for the Dial Plan URI type and enter 1 for the Country/Regional code (all these settings assume you are setting this up for U.S. Jajah service) Select Save


  2. Double click on the newly created Plan under the UM Dial Plans section


  1. You can choose to further "Configure UM Dial Plan" but it is not required. You can also change the UM Mailbox Policies, I choose to change some of the setting like the PIN length and requiring PIN reset

  1. After configuring the UM Dial Plan you then need to navigate to the Users & Groups in the Exchange Management portal and double click on the user you want to enable (should have already been setup for Lync to Phone). Expand the "Phone and Voice Features", Highlight Unified Messaging and select "Enable"

  1. Click on the Browse button and select the UM Dial Plan you created previously, click Next


  1. Choose how to setup the PIN for the user and then click Finish
  2. Now you should be all setup for VoiceMail with the Lync to Phone service

The user can dial their own DID number and hit * button once the VoiceMail greetings begin and enter the PIN to personalize the VoiceMail system. I hope this helps you in setting up and using the Lync to Phone service.