Office 365 Enterprise E5 Explained

Over the past year or so Microsoft has extended their Office 365’s Enterprise licensing offerings to include new features, such as Skype for Business Dial-in Conferencing and Meeting Broadcast, Power BI Pro, Delve Analytics, and advanced security and compliance features, such as Advanced eDiscovery, Advanced Security Management, Advanced Threat Protection, and Customer Lockbox. All these features make up what is now being offered through the “Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5” (aka Secure Productive Enterprise). Microsoft actually has three different “E5” offerings which leads to a bit of confusion when talking to customers about what licenses they currently have, let alone understanding what exactly they get with the license. Today, I wanted to shed some light on the “Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5” offering’s features so you can determine if E5 is right for you?

What’s included?

  • Security and compliance Provide enterprise protection to help your organization reduce risk and to meet security, privacy, compliance, and transparency commitments.
  • Voice Through a single, complete cloud communications platform for voice and meetings, help your organization to potentially save millions of dollars by eliminating third-party conferencing and simplifying phone charges and private branch exchange (PBX) management and maintenance.
  • Analytics Unlock data and deliver insights to help staff across your organization make more-informed decisions.

Some Reasons to Buy

  • Preventing Security breaches
  • Upgrading legacy business intelligence
  • Telephony system is approaching end of life
  • Cost savings and a meeting-solution consolidation
  • Mergers or acquisitions

Security and Compliance

Take advantage of service features that can help you protect data, detect threats more quickly, and respond more effectively. Built-in data compliance capabilities are verified to help you meet regulatory requirements, based on your organization’s needs.

Advanced Threat Protection: Protection against unknown and sophisticated threats in end-user email, attachments, and URLs

  • Safe Attachments protect against unknown malware and viruses by opening documents attached to emails in cordoned-off virtual environments (VM’s) to detect malicious behavior.
  • Safe Links provide real time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs by wrapping external links in special URLs that check the destination URL for threats before opening them. (ATP rewrites the URLs to proxy them through another sandbox environment server)
  • Click Trace provides rich reporting and URL trace capabilities by keeping a record of every user who has clicked on a Safe Link-wrapped URL for additional protection.

Gain enhanced visibility and control into Office 365 usage and security incidents (Advanced Security Management).

  • Advanced Security Alerts. Admins can use General Anomaly Detection alerts and granular activity policies to react quickly to suspicious activity.
  • App Permissions enable IT to approve or revoke access for third-party apps or services that users authorize to connect to Office 365. (Shadow IT)
  • Cloud App Discovery enables IT to monitor what cloud services users connect to, so they can gain insights, identify anomalies, and manage risky behavior.
  • Customer Lockbox enable customers to maintain explicit control over your data in the cloud. Customer Lockbox help you meet compliance obligations, such as HIPPA and FedRAMP, by demonstrating that they have procedures in place for explicit data access authorization. In the rare instance when a Microsoft service engineer needs access to your data, you grant that access only to data required to resolve the issue and for a limited amount of time. Additionally, those actions taken by the support engineer are logged for auditing purposes and are accessible via the management Activity API and the Security and Compliance Center.

Manage compliance while streamlining the eDiscovery and data classification process to save time and money (Advanced eDiscovery)

  • Thread Analysis reconstructs email threads from unstructured data.
  • Duplicate Detection reduces document volume so you can focus on what is unique.
  • Predictive coding trains the system to identify relevant email and documents.
  • Themes and Search help you quickly map unstructured data by using clustering technology to identify data relationships and simplify email reviews.
  • Compliance and Data governance

Labels – E3 only lets users classify content but E5 allow you to automatically classify content based on criteria
Labels appear in your users’ apps, such as Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive. Depending on the settings you choose, when a label is applied to email or docs (automatically or by the user), the content is retained or protected. End Users classify capability comes with E3 but E5 you can automatically classify data based on query/content type you define.


  • A modern communications service can help your teams work better together, providing one simple experience that includes voice, video, sharing, and chat.
  • Use audio, HD video, and web conferencing to help reduce staff travel to save your organization time and money (meetings with PSTN Conferencing).
  • Unify global phone systems, enabling your IT team to simplify management of voice systems and improve business agility as you reduce reliance on traditional PBX systems (Cloud PBX and PSTN Calling).


With a single view of your organization’s most-critical business data—in the cloud or on premises—enable staff to make more-informed decisions. Real-time work analytics can help your entire staff improve personal and team effectiveness.

  • With live data and rich visualizations (Power BI), easily and quickly gain access to the data you need through a simple intuitive experience.
  • Get a live, 360º view of your business and discover new insights by exploring your data with rich visualizations (Power BI).
  • Leverage personal and team work analytics to improve individual effectiveness (My Analytics).

Both Microsoft Office E3 & E5 plans offer an intelligent solution that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely with Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security. Below are the component mappings for both E3 and E5 offerings.