A while ago I wrote a blog entry on why Groups are the foundation of Microsoft’s ad hoc collaboration strategy. You can read that entry here. We are seeing more and more that Microsoft is expanding their use of Groups as the underlying mechanism to deliver more features. Teams…built on Groups. Planner…built on Groups. Yammer, uses Groups now. In fact soon we will see Microsoft retrofit Groups to existing sites to bring the communications and collaboration together for existing sites.

In this episode, we will take a dive into Groups and look at how to create and manage them. They aren’t terribly complex, but there are a few gotchas to consider.

  1. Who can create them? Anyone with their email account in Exchange Online, unless you turn it off for everyone.
  2. What is their security? They are public by default meaning that all content is visible to the entire tenant. Make sure that you let your users know about this and use the security accordingly.
  3. How much quota does a group have? By default they are unlimited. You might want to consider applying a quota to groups after they are created.
  4. How do I mange them? Not through the SP Admin interface, but through Powershell. Here is a blog article on how to pull the list of groups, their size, and last modified date that you can use to ID groups that are no longer in use.

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