As a companion to the End User Bootcamp episode on Groups, this episode will show us how we look at groups from an administrator standpoint.  The first thing that we have to do is to clarify that Office 365 Groups can actually be more than one thing.  It could be four things:

  1. Security Group – Often these are synched from your AD, but can be created in the cloud as well.  They are used to group users together to apply security in SharePoint for example
  2. Email Enabled Security Group – same as a Security group, but with an email address as well that all members of the group will get.
  3. Distribution List – similar to the concept from on premise.
  4. Office 365 Group – a combination of communication and collaboration features

In this episode, we will look at how we manage groups from the Admin Console and why we would create one or the other types of groups.  We go through the process of creating groups from the admin console as opposed to the end user experience and what the various settings mean.  We will also look at the behind the scenes architecture of a Group and how we can extend them with new content or even connectors.

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