My second breakout session at Tech•Ed ‘09 has been posted on Tech•Ed Online. I loved that the audience awoke early enough on the last day of the conference to attend my session at 0900! Coffee in hand they endured my jokes, dog photos and screaming flying monkeys.

I forgot to mention that you can follow me on Twitter @MatthewMcD (I currently have 97 followers…can we make it to 100?) and look me up on Facebook.

I was asked if I would post the new master page I built for the presentation. I will post the master page as part of a walk through on how to deploy a new master page for the my site host. The problems I ran into were so major that I do not want to just put the page out and have you suffer through it. Also I did have to inject 2 custom controls into the page with a heavy dose of CSS to get our vision to work. Having said all that, if you want to try your self here is what I did.

  1. Copy the person.aspx and default.master files creating new files with names of your choosing.
  2. Link the new person.aspx to your new master page.
  3. Develop your brand.
  4. Backup your pages regularly! SharePoint Designer regularly ate my page and I had to revert to a backup every few hours.


There are still MANY issues I have to work out. Like the site redirection and master page issues I discussed in the presentation.


OCF315 Social Networking and User Profiles for Business


Social Networking with MOSS:

Blogs and Wikis in business:


Social Computing for SharePoint:

SharePoint Team Blog

Mike Gannotti’s blog:

News Gator:


I did two code demos for the presentation:

The “in common with” web part: Tech•Ed In Common With Web Part

Props to Andrew Connell for the Central Admin interface part of the project and Gary LaPoint for the STSADM interface. I just built on their ideas and added the part about the User Profiles.

The User Profile Watcher: Tech•Ed User Profile Watcher