I thought I’d share my experience I had today since I couldn’t find any information online about the error message.  When you see the fix you’re going to laugh but it’s not funny when it happens to you and searching for the error code brings up nothing. 


I was out at a client’s site working on a Microsoft Windows 7 Jumpstart project.  I wanted to deploy the Microsoft Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT) on a test Microsoft Windows XP Professional workstation (XP).  This was going to be done via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM/ConfigMgr).  The test workstation just had XP, all of the current Critical/Security updates, and the ConfigMgr client.  Nothing else was installed on that test box.  The package got deployed but it didn’t work as planned.  I didn’t see the tool run or upload the XML file to the file share.  I decided to copy the package manually to the test XP workstation and run is as a local user with no administrator rights for troubleshooting.  When I did that I got the error below:

OEAT.exe – Application Error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).  Click on OK to terminate the application.


After various troubleshooting steps it turned out my test workstation didn’t have .NET 2.0 installed !  This is a system requirement according to Microsoft and since it was a test machine Windows can run fine without .NET 2.0.


Once I installed .NET 2.0 it’s worked when I ran it manually and through ConfigMgr.

Now you know!