Kind of ironic, I know. The Web Scheduler is supposed to make our lives easier by providing an alternative to the Live Meeting Outlook plug-in. So when I reviewed it on 11/10/09, I did not expect it to prevent our external users from connecting to our on-premise Live Meeting Server.

Here is the error message that users received when attempting to connect from outside the firewall :”Live Meeting cannot connect to the meeting.”


The interesting thing was that users from inside the network could connect fine, so the problem seemed to be isolated to the Edge server. Restarting the Edge server did not help, and there were no error messages, and the Validation wizard passed with flying colors. So where to begin troubleshooting?

The first thing I did was to enable tracing. This produces a log file in %userprofile%\tracing

This was a bit of a rabbit trail because the error message in that log file was “SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized” – which is a false positive, because it will be logged under normal conditions.

One of the benefits of doing internal IT at Catapult is that I can call upon the best Infrastructure consultants in the country when I get stuck. Allen Wat pointed me to the pwconsole-debugxx.txt file located in %temp%. The following error messages were recorded:

Missing or invalid property: serverURL
Some properties reqd for PSOM connection are missing.
Insufficient Paramters to connect to DataMCU.

Armed with this information, Allen pointed me to this KB Article:

It seems that the Web Scheduler activation wiped out the External URL settings, because that was the last thing that changed in our environment.

If you hold down the Control key and right-click on the Communicator icon in the taskbar, you can view the external URLs, and those were in fact missing.


After following the steps in the KB article, and restarting the Communicator Client, the problem was solved.