Since I have an IPhone, I was thinking, "Wouldn’t it be great if I can have OCS on my IPhone?". Well, Guess what!?! There is a piece of Software that allows you to have the same access as you do with your OCS client on your desktop and it’s called, "iDialog". Two Catches! First, since this software utilizes OCS Web, you are unable make or receive calls from it via internet. Second, as of the version 1.0.0 of this software, the developers haven’t implemented the alerting feature in the IPhone OS 3.0. I hope as the software matures, the developers will add this feature.

However, even with these two issues, the software is still really nice and allows you to view status, chat and add people to an existing chat session.

Below are the steps I used to add the software to my IPhone and sync it up with my company’s OCS Web portal. You can skip steps 2 thru 8 if your company has an IPhone supported certificate on their OCS Web Portal.

Process to add Company Root Certificate and iDialog to your IPhone to access your company OCS environment.

  1. Download the iDialog software from the App Store on the IPhone. When I purchased this software it was $9.99. I don’t know if that’s changed much.
  2. Ask your Network OCS admin to send you the Root Cert for OCS.
  3. After you receive the Root Cert in your email as shown below, follow the installation method.


  4. Scroll to the bottom of the email and click on the <cert name>.CER
  5. This will ask you if you want to install the cert, Click Install.


  6. Then a large overlay will ask you again to install the cert or cancel. Click "Install Now".


  7. If you have a Password Lock on your phone, you will see a Key Pad to put your Password Lock.


  8. After the Cert adds itself to your IPhone, the next screen should be where the Certificate shows to be installed, however it does state Unsigned if this is not one of the IPhone supported Certificates.


  9. Now start the iDialog program on your IPhone.


  10. Supply the <Domain>\<User ID>, Password, and the address for the OCS Web Portal address.


Catapult is


  1. Now you should be able to see how your OCS groups are broken into or the people you added to the OCS.





Below are a few sample pics of what iDialog looks like on the IPhone 

  • When a Chat Session is initiated from another user on OCS to the IPhone through iDialog software.


  • Texting looks like OCS


  • While in a Chat Session and you click the “Options” button to End Chat, Cancel the Chat session, add Participants or Invite someone else to the Chat session. All very similar if you have used OCS from a desktop.


  • At the bottom of the main page, you can click on the Chat area and this will show you if you have any Chat Sessions still open.


  • Next to the Chat on the main page is the “Me” area. This display all of your information. From here, you can set your status, Display a Note to anyone, Display where you are working from, “Home, Office…etc”, and your phone numbers.