Post Ignite, we are anxiously awaiting many valuable updates in Office 365.  Here are a few you should be prepared for in November:

  • Internet Explorer 11 Updates

    • Teams Web Application will no longer support IE 11 after November 30, 2020

    • Redirecting from incompatible site experiences

  • SharePoint Site Performance Page

  • Introducing commenting in Microsoft Lists


Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft is winding down support for Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy.  IE 11 will continue to receiving security updates and technical support for the lifecycle version depending on the version of Windows where it is installed.  Expect more and more experiences to degrade in the coming months approaching August 2021.  Beginning November 30th, the Teams Web Application will no longer support IE 11.

Microsoft Browser Lifecycle

Legacy Browser Retirement imminent

Edge Redirection

As Internet Explorer reaches it’s end of life, some public sites will begin redirecting traffic from the legacy browser to Microsoft Edge.  If a user has Microsoft Edge installed, the browser will redirect their traffic and ask if they would like to import their browsing data and preferences from IE 11 to Microsoft Edge to view the site.  Subsequent redirects will display a banner.

If organizations would like to disable the redirection experience for their users, they must disable 3 group policies by November 19, 2020:

  • RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerPreventBHOInstall
  • RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerRedirectMode
  • HideInternetExplorerRedirectUXForIncompatibleSitesEnabled

See more information about managing this experience:  Policies to Configure Redirection

Page Diagnostics for SharePoint

After you have downloaded the latest version of Edge, be sure to add the Browser Extension for Page Diagnostics for SharePoint.  This extension is also available in Google ChromeNo action required and provides diagnostic information about your site pages.  You can use the tool to analyze site pages in SharePoint online for both the classic and modern experience, and does not work with system pages.

See more from Microsoft here:  Use the Page Diagnostics for SharePoint tool


Microsoft List Commenting

Another highly anticipated November update is commenting on Microsoft Lists.  Users will be able to comment on list items and filter between views to show comments and activity related to a list item.  Comments inherit the permission for the list item.  For Standard release tenants, this functionality should begin rolling out mid November and be complete in December.

Admins will be able to disable this functionality at the tenant level by using the command

Stay tuned next month for more Microsoft Updates