One of the important functions which Operations Manager provides is notification when a system is offline or not functioning properly. In Operations Manager this occurs through an alert if an agent does not successfully heartbeat in the timeframes defined (every 60 seconds, for three failed tests or approximately 3 minutes by default). In OMS I have found three ways to accomplish similar types of functionality. This blog post will explore the simplest of these methods – using the pre-built reports to provide notification of when an OMS agent is offline.


How to use the pre-built reports to notify when an OMS agent is offline:

In OMS there is a weekly report which is enabled by default and it includes “Non-reporting” servers. This is configured in the OMS settings under accounts:

Enabled by default.

A subset of that email is below. This includes a number of non-reporting agents in OMS and a list of the top non-reporting servers (including how long they have been offline).


Summary: If a weekly report is sufficient to provide notification for what agents are offline then the existing pre-built (and pre-enabled) report should cover this nicely.

In the next blog post we will show how to use a query to identify agents which have not reported data into OMS within the last hour.