Pushing documents to a Record Center via the OfficialFile.asmx

Recently I was attempting to write an application that would push documents into a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) Record Center.  The application that I was using is a Windows Forms application and it used the officialfile.asmx web service and its SubmitFile method to push a file to the Records Center.  Every time I tried to submit a file using the web service, NotFound would be returned as the result.

Result String from the SubmitFile Web Service Method

After a while (a long while), I finally found the solution.   There is site group that authorizes the users who are allowed to submit using the web service. It is the Records Center Web Service Submitters group.  Add your user or the Authenticated Users Active Directory Security Group to this group to grant permission to that user.  If you want to push items to Records Center from an external application using the officialfile.asmx web service provided with MOSS you must add the users to the Records Center Web Service Submitters group. By default this site group does not have any members, therefore effectively preventing ANYONE from using the SubmitFile method of the web service. The result of NotFound that I was receiving was because the user credentials did not exist in the mentioned site group.