If you have servers in your environment which appear as “Not Monitored” in the Agent Managed section of the Operations Manager/Administration console you may want to check this out. We found that agents which had been installed with the wrong Management Group Name appear as “Not Monitored” in the Agent Managed section. In our case these were manually deployed agents which had a typo in the management group name. We wanted to avoid uninstalling the agent if possible because installation/uninstallation of software often requires submission of a change control. To fix this agent we took the following steps:

1) Logged into the server via RDP.

2) To determine the settings for the agent we opened control panel, Add/Remove programs and started a change (not uninstall) of the agent. This provides a quick way to see what management group was specified during the installation.

3) When we found these we incorrect, we did the change in Add/Remove programs again and added the second management group name with the correct name.

4) Once that was done we re-opened Add/Remove programs, and removed the incorrect management group name from the agent.

5) To complete the process we restarted the System Center Management service on the agent.