Nice to know: A simple branding kit for your Windows 7 deployment
Mikael Nystrom
Mon, 23 Jan 2012 23:40:16 GMT

if this is anything else but important, branding your OS could
sometimes be needed for fun or for profit. The basic concept is to
replace some of the images in Windows with your own corporate ones. This
simple kit will change the logon UI, the background picture and it will
add the OEM logo for the famous company ViaMonstra (The company that
Johan Arwidmark and I use as a sample company when we write our books).
Since everyone on this planet are using MDT to create your reference
image you just import this as an application, modify the pictures and
then add the application to the task sequence and create the reference
image. Done!

The reason that I never posted this is that
all the pictures are my customers, not mine. But then Johan Arwidmark
started writing “Deployment Fundamentals Vol III”. That is about
Deploying Windows 7 using SCCM (extended with MDT) we thought that
branding would be fun to have in the book, and suddenly I was in the
position to create graphics that we can use in the book. So now I have
something to share, and here it is. The ViaMonstra Branding Kit!

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