Maik Koster has a new post on a new feature in MDT 2012. 

Be sure to read his full post here.

As probably most of you have seen already, the Beta 1 of the upcoming MDT 2012 has been published to connect (Download link) recently (Announcement by Michael Niehaus). Main intent for this update is enabling support for the upcoming ConfigMgr 2012. But the team also included a couple other updates into this release like a “prettier” wizard, Cross-Platform support, etc. However some of the bigger changes “under the hood” did happen on the part that handles all drive and disk related activities like UEFI Support, creating partitions, formatting, etc.

While the Cross-Platform support is really helpful if you need to deploy to different architectures and I’m for sure will have a look on the new wizard, actually my personal highlight in this version is the added support for VHD during deployments. So lets have a look on how that works.