The Lync product team has released the following tools this week:

Planning Tool

The Planning Tool is designed to help companies design a Lync topology based on a series of questions.  The tool will produce what hardware components are needed and allow you to output the results into a file that can be uploaded into the Lync Topology Builder.  The following screenshots show some of the options and questions within the Planning Tool.

Welcome Screen:

LyncPT - welcome

Central Site Options:

LyncPT - central site

Branch Site Options:

LyncPT - branch

Virtualization Support:

LyncPT - virtualization

Datacenter View of Topology Design (note the Hardware and Virtual Configuration sections and the references to external links):

LyncPT - datacenterview-markup

The Planning Tools also allows you to export the configuration to Excel, Visio, Topology Builder or to a printer:

LyncPT - datacenterview-markexport

Several reports are generated that include….

Network Diagram:

LyncPT - network diagram

Certificate, Firewall and DNS reports:

LyncPT - summary report

Thanks to the product team for doing a great job on this!

Visio Stencils

Microsoft has also release a Visio Stencil set to assist in documenting and designing your Lync environment.  These are essential in providing visual representations of the Lync topology.

lyncvisio - icons