Microsoft over the last couple week has rolled out some new features and increased size limits significantly!

First off, from the Office 365 Portal you should now see a new menu item on the left for Tools. Below is a screen shot of the Tools that are now available to you to use. These tools can be very helpful when analyzing or troubleshooting.


Microsoft also has updated the site. ON the Client tab you now have a Connectivity Analyzer Tool that is downloaded and installed on your workstation or server to test connectivity. Read more about the tool here and a screen shot of the tool is below:

New and greatly improved size limits

SharePoint Online Improvements, from this blog site:

SkyDrive Pro storage more than triples from 7GB to 25GB by default with the ability to extend to 100GB! Also announced in that blog post is that you will now have the ability to see all files that have been shared with you!

Exchange Online, now the default size for a primary mailbox doubles from 25GB to 50GB! Below is a chart from the blog post detailing the size changes for the various license options:

Some great new features and new size limits. This shows Microsoft’s continued support and enhancements to Office 365!