It’s hard for me to believe it at times, but I have been with Catapult Systems for almost a decade now (I guess time does fly when you are having fun). In the time that I have been with Catapult I have held a variety of titles, roles and honors.

  • I started my career with Catapult as a Senior Lead Consultant in October of 2006. Over the years I moved my way up to Managing Consultant (September 2007) and then to Principal Consultant (June 2009).
  • I have served as the Local Practice Lead for the Dallas Infrastructure team, and until recently I had been serving as the Corporate Practice Lead for System Center. With the recent shift in Catapult, I am now an evangelist for Datacenter Automation, Solutions as a Service and System Center.
  • I have received my status as a Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard, and also won the Catapult employee of the year award for Dallas (only once, unlike my most excellent former manager who can boast of having won twice!)
  • I have presented at MMS (both the original one by Microsoft and the Midwest Management Summit), TechEd, Dev Connections, SCU Europe, SCU APAC, VeeamON (as well as probably close to a dozen user group communities around the world). I have been the emcee for System Center Universe for four years now. I have been authored several books, articles and whitepapers. I’ve been involved in Podcasts with RunAsRadio and the InsidePodcastNetwork. I even have several presentations available on Channel9.

Looking back I can definitely see that I have been able to grow significantly in my career during the time that I have worked with Catapult.

In the middle of last year, Catapult started investigating options to expand our Solutions as a Service into our Infrastructure practice (which is comprised of System Center, Unified Communications, and virtualization services among others). This investigation led to the creation of our new Solution as a Service called Launch which we announced at System Center Universe 2016.

In the beginning of February 2016 I started a new role as the Solution Director for Launch at Catapult Systems. My daily focus will be revolve around Launch from the perspectives of evangelism, sales, and roadmap development. Working on Launch has drawn from my full career in IT (over 20 years now), and continues to stretch me into new areas where I have not worked in the past. I am extremely excited about this new opportunity and I hope that you will see where Solutions as a Service such as Launch could be useful in your IT world.



Will I still be blogging & speaking on Operations Manager? I plan on continuing to blogging and speaking on OpsMgr going forward (who knows, maybe I can work my way through the 100+ partial blog posts which I have in my drafts folder!) I am still a member of Catapult’s internal distribution lists for Operations Manager and I expect that I will continue to be involved as a SME for Operations Manager related items in some capacity.

Will I still be blogging & speaking on OMS? Launch uses OMS for its logging and user experience. As a result, I expect that not only will I be blogging on OMS but that this will be a focus area for my blogging going forward (as it has been for about the last year).

How can I get more information about Launch? To learn more about Launch, join me on March 17th for a webinar where we will dive deeper into these concepts we will showcase some of its new functionality! Registration here! To request more information about Launch or to request a demonstration please visit: