I’ll start out with a simple, but great one: In text messaging, the emoticons in are just plain old text :D. I’m glad we are back to the good old stick figures. It lets us use our imaginations.  I’ve been wanting this years.

Camera button. Taking pictures is quick, because no matter where you are, you can press the camera button to switch to the camera app and press it again to take a picture. It also has a flash, nice.

The interface delivers on the promise of get in and get out quick. At first the metro interface it is disorienting, but after you get used to it, it is fast. You always have the start button to save you, and you always have your buddies the back button and the search buttons. The UI design takes up the whole screen, most of the time not even the clock or the battery life, or the network connectivity icons are displayed.

In the app store, you can try before you buy. This is very nice. I don’t know how many dollars I’ve spent in the apple store purchasing apps just to try them out.

The kickstand allows you to prop your phone up and watch a movie. This is great compared with having to walk into my office, fumble around for my phone stand, or trying to prop the phone up on something which never works.