The hits keep coming! Here is a round-up of some new and enhanced features and functionality with Office 365!

  1. Use Password Sync as a backup authentication method to ADFS/SSO. This is a great new ability, to have Password Sync running while you are using ADFS and Identity Federation as your primary authentication method. Now if for some reason your ADFS environment is unavailable, you can switch all your users to authenticate via Password Sync. This ability is not meant as a replacement for ensuring your ADFS environment is highly available, but more of a super disaster safety net for Office 365 Authentication.

  1. You can now customize the Top Navigation Bar for Office 365. Login to your Office 365 Tenant with Admin credentials, from the Admin drop down on the top (Blue Bar) Navigation bar select SharePoint. From the SharePoint Admin Center select the Settings option on the left. You can now see the ability to show or hide the OneDrive for Business, Yammer/Newsfeed and Sites options in the Top Navigation Bar.

  1. The Domain Management area within the Office 365 Admin Portal has changed.

Microsoft has made the area more user friendly and also conducts automatic checks for DNS compliance. You will notice above all my domains fine with "No Action Required" but if there was an issue a link would send me to fix the error related to the domain.

  1. One important note, Changes are coming to default address lists in Exchange Online. This changes is to facilitate the new Groups functionality that will enable groups to go across Exchange, SharePoint and Yammer. Read the