The Microsoft Management Summit 2012 looks like it will be an incredible experience with all of the updates occurring in the System Center 2012 space (pun somewhat intended)! I highly recommend that if you can be there – be there. I think that this will be an incredible MMS – I’m looking forward to it almost as much as I am to seeing The Avengers Smile (one is happening in April, one is happening in May so there should be no conflict). My favorite quote from this preview: “There was an idea… To bring together a group of remarkable people so when we needed them they could fight the battles that we never could.

Ok, back to MMS. I have seen some of the sessions that were accepted and they look incredible! Microsoft has a limited set of slots for presenters and presentations and can only choose so many as a result. (I will post a link to the sessions once they become available). As an example, last year my session on “Operations Manager Evolution” was declined but ended up accepted up at the last minute so there is a potential that a session could still be accepted but the likelihood is small at this point in time.

The following are abstracts which I am aware of that were declined for MMS 2012 (the session submitter intentionally removed to keep this focused on the topic not the presenter):

Title: Monitoring SharePoint code with APM

Abstract: Hosting a private cloud today is the future but what do we really understand in making this a reality? Microsoft technologies offer Private cloud solution but how do we use them to create an effective Private Cloud? In this session we will examine our options how we can use all the System Center products with Hyper-V to ensure our private cloud is not only a success but a simpler and easy way forward within budget.

Title: Advanced SharePoint Monitoring with System Center

Abstract: SharePoint administration of large hosted and internal sites. With the main goal of getting users to interact with SharePoint 2010 we must be able to monitor in a proactive method ensuring our investment stays operational. As 24/7 no longer has a meaning but always on is the new SLA Operations Manager is an important component to ensure this reality. With Patching and Backup’s we also need to ensure that effective use of ConfigMgr & DPM perform the tracks with Service Manager

Title: Dashboard Palooza

Abstract: In the world of monitoring, it is not only about the information you gather but how to visualize it. In this session presented by experienced consultants from across the globe, we demonstrate different techniques to build the dashboards that you need using the new built-in Operations Manager 2012 functionality combined with solutions such as the Service Level Dashboard, Visio Integration and the Service Manager dashboard to create custom dashboards for a NOC, C-Level, LOB application and more!


Title: Top Ops Bloggers

Abstract: Meet the top SCOM bloggers in this session–Marnix Wolf & Kevin Holman! Marnix Wolf: SQL, the true foundation of SCOM/SCOM12. Learn how to provision a well performing SQL server for your SCOM environment without taking all available resources. Kevin Holman: Alert enrichment and forwarding: How can I connect OpsMgr to other Enterprise Management systems? Adding enrichment to alerts in SCOM & connecting SCOM12 to other systems using Orchestrator 2012

Title: Tips & tricks for monitoring your private cloud with OpsMgr 2012

Abstract: Monitoring a private cloud is unlike monitoring your physical environment. This session provides guidance & best practices on using OpsMgr 2012 to monitor your private cloud infrastructure. Topics include: – Key considerations in an effective private cloud infrastructure – Best practices for virtualizing your OpsMgr infrastructure – Effective monitoring of VM guest performance – Automating incident management and remediation – Extending VMM’s dynamic optimization to hardware and applications

Title: Through the Looking Glass at all Hypervisors

Abstract: This session looks at how to use System Center Operations Manager to monitor Hyper-V, VMWare and Citrix Xen Server Hypervisors through a single console. We will dissect the Microsoft Hyper-V , Veeam VMWare and Comtrade XenServer Management Packs to look at what is useful and what can be extended. We will also look at how to build useful dashboards to look at information across the hypervisors


Title: Operations Manager Monitoring: The good, the bad and the ugly

Abstract: Ever want to quickly narrow down noise and keep your environment clean and healthy? Ever wonder why you databases are filling up and your console is getting sluggish? Industry experts, they will share their experiences from having tuned countless Operations Manager deployments since MOM 2005. They will show you how to quickly reduce noise, set overrides the easy way (fire and forget), maintain a healthy environment.

Title: Taking your IT business services to the next Level with System Center 2012

Abstract: Get ready to drive the management of your IT Business services beyond System Center 2012, taking full advantage of the System Center suite. This session will cover end-to-end IT business services by utilizing System Center Operations Manager 2012, System Center Service Manager 2012 and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012. Industry experts will show you how to fully leverage your IT business service and how to extend the service.

Title: 101 Management Pack authoring for Service Manager 2012

Abstract: Would you like more than out-of-the-box functionality from Service Manager 2012 but don’t know where to start? Join industry experts for a great session on extending and customizing System Center Service Manager 2012. This demo-packed session will show you the how to’s for extending Service Manager 2012 and the direct results you can achieve in a few easy steps. Learn from real world Service Manager 2012 authoring examples and be a hero to your helpdesk.


Title: Operations Manager Management Packs: Don’t be afraid! You don’t need to be a developer

Abstract: Join industry experts on a journey building management packs the easy way. No need for heavy authoring experience. These guys have been in the authoring world since MOM 2005 and have a vast experience in extending the product. During this session they will show real world examples and solutions on how to easily create a simple but effective management pack while at the same time discussing the do’s and don’ts.

Title: Looking after your Microsoft Virtualization environment

Abstract: This session looks at the various areas to look out for when implementing a Hyper-V virtualization environment. We will also show you how to use System Center Operations Manager to alert you of critical alerts that happen in your Virtualization environment, as well as how to integrate and use System Center Virtual Machine Manager to configure and tune the infrastructure. On top of this, we will also showcase how orchestration through System Center Orchestrator can assist in automating crucial workflows to ensure that your environment suffers minimal downtime.


Were your MMS sessions declined? If so, post them here and we’ll put together a more comprehensive list of sessions that currently will not be at MMS 2012.

Are there sessions listed here or in the comments which you think would be great to have at MMS? If so, post a comment on them and maybe we can draw some attention to them as a possible last minute addition!


And now a thought or two from my favorite green Avenger… Smile

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