The first keynote of MMS 2012 represented the 10 year anniversary for MMS! Specific points from the keynote include the following items:


  • System Center 2012 was officially announced: A USB Key provided for MMS attendees with all of the System Center 2012 software


  • Windows Server 2012 name announced!
    • (Previously referred to as “Windows Server 8”)
    • This implies that Windows Server 2012 will be released in 2012
    • Presenters discussed that System Center will be updated to support Windows Server 2012

Other items of note:

  • An SCVMM report showing included forecasting (shown below)


  • There was a great demo video from Vijay Tewari to deploy a bare metal host in SCVMM (Having met Vijay in the past I loved the coffee jokes integrated throughout- he may be the only guy at Microsoft I know who drinks more coffee than I do)
  • Demonstration of Operations Manager showing service level integration and dashboards in OpsMgr 2012, and .NET monitoring including application failures.
  • MCSE re-invented for the cloud: MCSE Private Cloud.
  • Windows Server 2012:
    • No shared storage, migration of VM’s between servers. “Shared nothing live migration”
    • Network virtualization in Windows Server 2012
  • Catapult’s own Jason Sharp was on the intro-video! (see the picture in the top left)