Today started off as you would image, with registration. Let me first off say that the event staff and everyone working from Microsoft did an excellent job. But even with the best efforts of all these fine people the registration process took forever! No worries though, I spent the time chatting up one of my colleagues Greg Tate. Greg is one of our new consultants to Catapult Systems, but that doesn’t mean he is a noob. Greg worked with our internal IT department for many years and basically crushed any internal IT challenge put in his way for many years. Greg is branching out and hitting the Configuration Manager space really hard. I am doing my best to get him to look at the Service Manager side. I believe he has a great skill set that would lend itself very well to the Service Manager practice. I will let you know how my recruiting efforts go here.

Job openings in general…

What can I say, Catapult is hiring! Let me know if you are interested in opportunities with Catapult and you have a specialized skill set around ANY of the System Center products.


Ate breakfast this morning at the Grand Lux Cafe. Must say, for a restaurant in a casino I expected to pay a lot more for my food, and I expected a LOT lower quality. I was pleasantly surprised that neither of these expectations were true. Breakfast was very inexpensive and it was dang good! Thanks GLC!

Run-ins with SCSM folks

I ran into quite a few familiar faces (at least familiar from Twitter and the Interwebs), I’ll give them a shout out here! Mike Neal follow him at @MNeal83 Phil Pritchett with CDW Great to see both of you guys!

First Session SD-IL306 System Center 2012 Orchestrator: Install and Integrate

Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator has the ability to integrate, automate and orchestrate just about anything. Join us to experience the power of Orchestrator from the easy install process to the out-of-the-box integration to Virtual Machine Manager, Operations Manager and Service Manager. Explore example runbooks for each of these System Center 2012 components as well as build your own! This lab is sure to jumpstart both your creativity and productivity. NOTE: All products except Orchestrator will be pre-installed and ready for integration.

Second Session SD-IL303 System Center 2012 Service Manager

Learn about System Center 2012 Service Manager and it’s capabilities to support IT service delivery, management and automation for your customer scenarios. Service Manager supports industry practices out of the box for Incident, Problem, Change, Service Request, Service Level and Release Management processes as well as supporting Configuration Management through its CMDB. This session will walk the IT Pro through the capabilities provided by the Service Manager component of System Center 2012.

Third Session SD-B307 Service Delivery and Automation: Configure and Deploy

Configuring and deploying service delivery and automation with the Microsoft System Center 2012 suite is about delivering IT services effectively and consistently. (Speaker(s): Kathleen Wilson; Sean Christensen)

Fourth Session: SD-B316 Top 10 Production Experiences with Service Manager and Orchestrator

Microsoft MVPs share their top production experiences with Microsoft System Center Service Manager and Orchestrator. Hear about best practices from implementations serving thousands of users and crazy interesting application automation. Find out what you need to know about these tools before you deploy. (Speaker(s): Nathan Lasnoski)


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