One of the major challenges in Operations Manager is how to surface data and to do so in a useful way. Sometimes the best approach will be a console, or a report. Sometimes it will be a dashboard or a desktop gadget. For this blog entry we will focus on the wonderful world of gadgets. For background gadgets are available in Windows client operating systems primarily and can be added into Windows Servers by by adding the sidebar.exe. There are two prebuilt gadgets for OpsMgr which I ran across – one from Microsoft and one from Savision.

Operations Manager gadget

Microsoft provided a gadget Operations Manager which is discussed on the OpsMgr Unleashed blog.


Live Maps gadget

Savision Live Maps also provides a gadget which is available with their Live Maps product.


Build your own Gadget with PowerGadgets

Another option available is to use PowerGadgets to build your own gadgets for OpsMgr. I demonstrated the gadget below which I put together for Operations Manager Evolution which I built using a SQL query shown below. This query shows the performance time of a TCP Port query:

select top 1 Path, ObjectName, CounterName, InstanceName, SampleValue, TimeSampled
from PerformanceDataAllView pdv with (NOLOCK)
inner join PerformanceCounterView pcv on pdv.performancesourceinternalid = pcv.performancesourceinternalid
inner join BaseManagedEntity bme on pcv.ManagedEntityId = bme.BaseManagedEntityId
where path = ‘hydra.odyssey.local’ AND
objectname = ‘TCP Port Check’ AND
countername = ‘Connection Time’
order by timesampled DESC


Here’s what the gadgets looks like on the sidebar:


And this is what all of these gadgets look like together on the sidebar.


Summary: When displaying data from Operations Manager don’t forget that gadgets are another viable approach to use!

[Yes, I’m still blogging on content that I demonstrated and questions I was asked during my Operations Manager Evolution (BB37) presentation – there was a whole LOT of new stuff in that one. I’m getting close to done blogging it all – I think I have less than 10 blog topics left!]