MMS 2011 is approaching fast.  I am co-presenting with Michael Niehaus on MDT 2010 integration with ConfigMgr. 

BE31 MDT 2010 Update 1 Integration with ConfigMgr: Quick Start

This session will cover the setup and configuration of MDT 2010 Update 1 with ConfigMgr.  We’ll cover the installation, creation of your first MDT integrated Task Sequence and creation of your first MDT boot image.  We’ll also cover the necessary changes to successfully deploy Windows 7 and how to modify your boot images to add extra files.  This session will also compare a MDT integrated Task Sequence to a default ConfigMgr Task Sequence and explain the differences and why you need all those Task Sequence steps.

View the session details here.

Michael also has the following sessions:

BC07 What’s New and What’s Coming from the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Speaker(s): Jeremy Chapman, Keith Garner, Michael Niehaus, Mike Lewis

Although MDT 2010 Update 1 shipped last summer, our developers have not been resting. Last Nov we released an MDT add-in to convert the starting computer into a virtual machine as part of an automated deployment called “P2V Migration for Software Assurance.” We are working on up-leveling the story to manage end-to-end desktop migration projects with something currently called “Deployment Manager.” This demo and architecture-packed session is presented by the solution architects and developers.

BE01 Troubleshooting Windows 7 Deployments: In Depth
Speaker(s): Michael Niehaus

In this session, we will explore a set of common issues encountered during the Windows 7 deployment process, digging as deeply as possible into the root causes and understanding how to troubleshoot similar issues.

BC06 Windows Deployment Live Game Show
Speaker(s): Chris Jackson, Jeremy Chapman, Johan Arwidmark, Keith Garner, Michael Niehaus

MMS can be a long week of technical sessions. This year we’re looking to shake things up with a 400-level game show session with deployment experts from Microsoft and leading deployment partners. All questions will be new and submitted without the knowledge of the contestants in the low-to-high 400-level range, and put to our panel of deployment experts.

Take a break from textbook technical content and experience fun technical content – join us to be a member of our live studio audience – and maybe enjoy a beer to celebrate the end of the show!